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The earth is waiting for the true sons of God to appear.  Listen and learn about the identity of these sons.

The reality of who we are as Christians has lost in tradition and a lack of teaching.  Listen and learn your true identity in Christ.

12 Keys To Power

Power is something that many desire.  Listen and learn to operate in the true power of God.

With so  many people angry these days, our lives tend to be full of offense.  Learn to avoid this spirit and live a life full of peace and forgiveness.

One of Satans greatest tactics is to confuse Christians that they may become ineffective in the things of God.  Listen and learn to discern and overcome spiritual confusion.

If we would connect with the mind of Christ, we would see so much more authority and breakthrough in this life.  Listen an learn to use the mind of the Spirit.

Healing Power

Learn the keys to accessing God's healing power.  In depth teaching on self healing and the healing of others through the power of God.

Life presents so many obstacles in life.  Learn to overcome them with the power of faith.

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